Our Approach

We are a group of Agile Coaches dedicated to invitational agile and Open Space Agility.  Fantastic things happen when an organization loosens the bonds of process and opens the door to what can happen.  Sound like magic?  It is. 

Monarch Agile understands the focus of an Agile transformation should not be the transformation itself.  The focus should be on the journey towards becoming Agile.  

Is the organization mandating Agile processes?  Is the Agile implementation struggling…even failing?  Are the teams pushing against the grain of adoption?  We invite you to consider this: The journey to becoming an Agile organization is a game.  Was an invitation to play extended to the teams?  Do the teams know the rules of the game?  Do you?  

Through Open Space Technologies, Monarch Agile can guide your organization by inviting your teams to begin, or restart, the journey to that which makes sense for them.  It’s simple really. When the journey belongs to the people, then the adoption that is right for them is the one that is right for the organization; and when allowed to play the game, adoption comes naturally.  

You are invited to play.  

Speaking of invitations to play, I'd like to invite you to check out some agile events.

Event: Agile Games West 2019

Date: October 9, 2019
Address:  Clark Kerr Center in Berkeley, California
What:  A day of Agile games and fun designed to learn through play.  This event precedes Agile Open NorCal. I am the Emcee with a little Teeheehee

Event: Agile Open NorCal 2019
Theme: Agile in the Shadows: Seeking Positive Deviance

Dates: October 10-11, 2019
Where:  Clark Kerr Center Berkeley, California.  

What: An event where Open Space is the way we learn.