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 We all remember the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  Fred R. Barnard actually said, "A picture is worth ten thousand words.  Retro-per-spectives is a retrospective format that allows team members to associate a photo with their most recent sprint.   The facilitator can artfully draw out conversation from the verbal association made by the team member.  This can also be used with leadership in a variety of sessions.  Email to learn how to get your own set of Retro-per-spectives© 

Who & What Scrum?©


The game of Who & What Scrum is designed to help organizations walk the mine fields of WHO will do WHAT.  If expectations of the roles in Scrum are not clearly defined, it can lead to the never ending statement of, "I thought you were going to do that."  This game allows organizations to discuss these things before problems arise and blame seeps into the culture.   This game comes with a thumbdrive that contains a spreadsheet to help document what your organization decides about the Who's & What's.  There are 3 ways to play this game and each has a journey of its own.  Email to learn how to get your own set of Who & What©  

Training Services

Open Space at Your Place


Originally intended for organizations going through change or turbulence, Open Space was designed to help organizations come to agreement.  Email for dates and pricing information.

The Agile Business Analyst

Email for dates and pricing information.

As a Business Analyst transitions from a waterfall environment to an agile environment, there is a change that must take place, an amount of control that must be released.  There are questions about where their value is in an agile organization.  This course addresses each of these questions and more.  It will ready your analysts for the changes they are about to experience.  Email for dates and pricing information. 

Agile for Government


Are you a government agency that is contemplating an agile transformation?  This course will arm you with an understanding of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.  Keep anti-patterns out of the organization and get the most out of the transformation.  Email for dates and pricing information. 

User Stories


Considering bringing user stories into your daily work?  Already have them but want to improve them?  This training is for you!  Students leave having really understood the user's perspective.  Email for dates and pricing information.

Agile Talent


Human Resources is a label from long ago.   Agilists now refer to this as "talent."  No longer are the roles and responsibilities documents needed.  Now, it's expectation sheets.  People are our greatest gift to our organizations.  Let's treat them like the gift they are.  This course teaches how to restructure and strategize your organization  in ways that meet everyone's needs.  Email for dates and pricing.  

Scrum Master 2.0


So your organization has certified Scrum Masters, but they still seem to be missing something.  This course takes them to the next level of mastery and addresses the people and change pieces of an agile transformation face on giving your Scrum Master team tools to help their teams.

Training Continued

Agile Metrics


Why try to use metrics used in Waterfall in your new Agile world?  They simply keep us trapped in that way of thinking.  Agile metrics are a completely different animal.  Why not map metrics to the Agile Principles?  Let us introduce you to a whole new way of thinking.  Email for dates and pricing.

Facilitation of the Events in Scrum


Okay, so maybe you have a Scrum Master, but if you are a Product Owner, or a Manager, or an Executive, what do you do in these events?   What if your events aren't seen as successful as they could be?  It's about the culture,  accountability, and ownership of the individual team that makes an event worthwhile to attend.  It's about their commitment to success.  Let Monarch show you the way to get the most out of these sessions.  Email for dates and pricing.

Velocity & Capacity


Ideal for a Scrum Master, a Team, Managers of a Team, or an Organization to attend.  This course will help everyone to better understand how to story point their work, how to get better at story pointing their work and how capacity can affect their throughput.  Take away tools will be taught and handed out for continued use.  Email for dates and pricing.

Agile Estimation Techniques


This course is designed to teach agile teams  the many ways to estimate and when they should use what methods.  Interactive exercises are held that teach the students in a hands on way.  Real world issues in estimation are addressed. Email for dates and pricing.

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Free Agile Tools for Your Teams

Below is a compilation of Agile tools to help your teams mature.